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Bank Stabilization

Stream Bank Stabilization

Stream Bank Grading

An overgrown, eroded and in areas, sediment-filled stream bank was cleaned and re-graded. Culvert pipes at the road-end of the stream were exposed and a fieldstone retaining wall was installed.


Bank restoration and planting at a commercial property.

Bank reclamation including retaining walls and planting. This project involved extensive excavation and grading to install the treated timber retaining walls. Drainage was installed behind all of the timber walls. The before picture was taken after the existing brush and fallen trees were removed. The bank looked similar to the adjacent properties when the project was started.

Bank stabilization - before, during and after.

Stream Bank Retention
Decaying railtoad ties along a stream bank were removed and replaced with fieldstones. An existing dry strack flat stone wall along the stream was disassembled and rebuilt.

Stream bank stabilization - before, during and after.

Brush, undesirable trees and debris were removed from a bank. The bank was regraded and planted to myrtle.
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