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Landscape Drainage Design

Basement Waterproofing

The soil along the basement wall was excavated to the depth of the footer. Large cracks were discovered at two locations in the exposed wall. The cracks were patched and the wall was sealed with basement waterproofing. A perforated drain pipe was installed at footer level and discharged to daylight. The excavated area was filled with 2B gravel to within approximately 2-ft. of grade and a solid drain pipe was installed for downspout drain lines.

Pond Cleaning

Accumulated sediment was removed from the pond shown below.


A channel drain was installed along a garage overhead door and man door to keep water from flowing into the garage.

We installed sluice pipes and grated risers with storm gates to fill in along a storm water run-off swale.

Before and after....paver walkway, retaining wall and drainage.

Drainage design to prevent water from accumulating in a finished basement. The solution included installing treated timber steps and a paving brick apron with grate covered drains.

This backyard is the low point on the block. The homeowner gets the water from the backyards of all the houses on the street.

The homeowner previously installed a water garden pond at the point where the water ran into his property. When the pond filled up he would us a sump pump to pump the water to the street.

We expanded the capacity of the water garden pond and installed a drain line from the pond to the storm sewer catch basin.

A paving brick patio with sitting walls was installed at the back of the house. Since the backyard slopes to the house, two channel drains were installed in the patio to keep water from flowing into the family room.
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