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Planting Bed Design and Installation

A ground cover bed at a commercial property was removed, regraded and turned into a low maintenance decorative gravel bed with a low hedge along the street sidewalk. The existing shrubs were pruned and shaped.

Ground cover (English Ivy) , brush removal and replanting.
We also installed oversized stone to help with drainage at the base of slope.


The following five photographs show our planting bed designs at one of Erie's most popular tourist attractions.

Brick walks and patio - treated timber planter and a new lawn by the hydroseeding process.

Terraced Versa-Loc Retaining Walls were installed with an oriental style planting and a water feature.

Existing plants were removed and new plants with more color were planted.

New commercial landscape design incorporating a nautical theme. The design includes ornamental grasses, gravel mulch and a decking board entrance walk.

This lake front landscape design incorporated paving brick walks and a patio, a water garden and extensive trenching for drain pipes and underground electric lines and a hydroseeded lawn.

A private paving brick patio and deck were constructed around the side and back of the house. The deck and patio have five entrance areas. Catch basins were incorporated in the paving brick patio. A waterfall was constructed by the patio area. The waterfall is shown in the water gardens section.

Redesigned planting bed utilizing new and existing plants with landscaping modifications...
before (left) and after (right).

Redesigned back yard and deck modifications. This project included extensive drainage work in addition to the visible changes.
Many of the perrenials were split and transplanted from beds on the site.
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